Why Azituna?

Because Azituna

is about people,


and traditions,

and because our team

is made up of people

who know the land.

This project is the fruit

of our love for Andalusia,

the place where we were born

and where we find happiness.


We are simply giving back a bit

of what this land has given us.

We have a purpose





Wine Culture








At Azituna we contribute to the conservation of the heritage of rural areas through our activities and initiatives. We believe that the rural world holds values and knowledge that are fundamental for the sustainable development of our communities, whether urban or rural. It is not that we are nostalgic or romantic, which we are too, but we know that the raw material for change towards a better, healthier and more humane world is in the people who inhabit our forests, rivers and mountains. For all these reasons, our purpose is to make all these rural values and knowledge known to the people who live mainly in the urban world, which is faster and less aware of our rural roots.

How do we do it

Slow motion: 

Calmly savouring every step of our journey. Time is our greatest asset.

Small groups: 

We love to get up close with people, to get to know them better and for them to get to know us better, to attend to their needs and to learn from them as much as possible.

Connecting with the land:

We understand that the link between people and land is unbreakable, and we aim to explore this connection and integrate it in all its many facets.

Ecological footprint:

At Azituna, we are committed to protecting the environment, so the only footprint we want to leave is that of our boots in the places we visit as we continue our journey.

Who we are?

Raúl Gómez

Raúl Gómez


Native Sevillian, but with my heart split between the two shores of the Strait of Gibraltar. Having worked as a professional guide for over a decade, I have now traded the great traverses over mountains, across seas and through deserts for my native Andalusia, where I continue to lose myself in search of my roots.

Elena Meregalli

Elena Meregalli

Design and Layout

Milan-born architect, residing in Seville since 2001. A member of the Italian Alpine Club, I have been passionate about the natural world since childhood, and participate in a range of mountain sports. I am co-author of the collection “Paisajeando: Senderismo en familia por Andalucia”.

Inma Crespo

Inma Crespo

Logistics & production

My bond with nature goes back to my childhood, when I used to look with my little eyes at the immensity of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas. I am still in love with life as I was then, enjoying the “God of the little things” in the present and being amazed by the simplicity of the rural world and nature.

Aitor Calle

Aitor Calle

Branding & Comunicación

Trainer in Tourism-Sports Branding. I have spent the last few years of my career designing and carrying out sporting events and experiences in Spain, Gibraltar and Morocco (El Mito, Eurafrica Trail, Veinte Leguas), which create links between nature and culture, promoting the land and people of these territories through sport.

Juanma Buzón

Juanma Buzón

Environmental sustainability

Environmentalist by trade and ornithologist by vocation, I have spent long hours in the immensity of Doñana National Park, looking for the footprints of its inhabitants. As a professional guide, I have covered a good part of Spain and some corners of Europe.

Vicente Hernández

Vicente Hernández

Web design & development

I started my professional career in architecture to which I dedicated more than a decade to reconvert myself by founding a digital marketing company. Mountaineer since childhood and advocate of cycling as a mode of transport, this has allowed me to collaborate in various projects such as this one.