High Mountains


“From that second and hour, I embraced the bold purpose of travelling across these mysterious hills and dales, towns and rivers, cliffs and coasts that, according to vague tales, had been left behind, imprisoned among the sublime summits of Sierra Nevada and the liquid empire of the sea…”.

Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, La Alpujarra (1882)


Las Alpujarras are synonymous with high mountain summits, terraced crops and abrupt cliffs. The Capileira, Pampaneira and Bubión area is the chorus so often sung by those who visit this hidden enclave of the Granada province. Inside towns delicately balanced over the cliffs of the River Poqueira, century old traditions are interwoven and continue to thrive amongst these mountains.

We will walk along beautiful trails through chestnut and oak trees, under the watchful eye of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Peaks like Mulhacén or Veleta are fantastic vantage points and unbeatable places to relax and enjoy life. In “Al Sur de Granada”, or “To the South of Granada”, Gerald Brenan aptly describes the life and miracles of this area at the dawn of the 20th century.

We will discover the Al-Andalus heritage, left behind by the inhabitants of these lands in the socalled Tahá de Pitres. Towns with intricately winding streets, with cool horseshoe paths where the water tastes of iron, and with aging mills will witness time – and us – pass.




  • You will learn the water’s secrets like a real “acequiero”, or irrigation expert.
  • You will breathe the purest air in Andalusia.
  • You will walk between small Moorish towns, where many came and never left.
  • You will traverse La Alpujarra in its entirety, accompanied by cured ham, blood sausage and wine from “La Contraviesa”.


  • DAY 1: Origin-Capileira.
  • DAY 2: Sierra Nevada ditches: Looking for the high peaks.
  • DAY 3: A walk through La Tahá de Pitres: Ferreirola, Atalbeitar, Mecinilla.
  • DAY 4: Mountain architecture and Poquiera’s village: Pampaneira, Bubión y Capileira.