Blue Sea


“One of the most mysterious places in the world. Strange, what happens here. Almost nothing, ever. Everything. Full and empty”

Carlos Pérez Siquier


Cabo de Gata-Níjar National Park is one of the most unique natural spaces in Andalusia, boasting 60 kilometres of the best preserved coastline along the Mediterranean. But Cabo de Gata isn’t just about the ocean. Its farmhouses, prickly pear cacti and agaves whisper tales of adventure.
Author Juan Goytisolo, in “Campos de Níjar”, or “Fields of Níjar”, faithfully tells us about his time in these austere lands, which left an unforgettable mark on his journey. On our trip, we will try, as always, to integrate, as much as possible, the land with the people, using our five senses.
We will walk along the beaches, coves and cliffs, and we will let the salt seep in through our pores, while we touch the solitude and infinity of this, one of the confines of the Mediterranean.


  • You will walk among extinct volcanoes and taste one of the best tomatoes in the world.
  • You can bathe in the pristine waters of the Mediterranean.
  • You will traverse cliffs and deserted beaches.


  • DAY 1: Salinas and lighthouse of the Cabo de Gata.
  • DAY 2: We will discover, on foot, the coves and volcanic remains between the beaches of Monsul and Genoveses.
  • DAY 3: From Rodalquilar to Escullos. A movie day.
  • DAY 4: Natural Monument “Paraje de Yesos de Sorbas” and mills of the Aguas river.